Thread Lifting

Thread lift with meso threads

Installing meso threads is an innovative procedure aimed at to hold the skin and rejuvenate at the same time, complete or partial lifting.
Meso threads are made of totally bio-absorbed, bio-compatible, inert and sterile material.  Within next 180-240 days following the installing, it fully disintegrates into water and carbo dioxide, and then it is eliminated through the skin due to the natural metabolism of tissues. Meanwhile, the controlled and gradual decomposition activates collagen production – a process that results in the formation new and healthy collagen fibers.
Before the procedure, anaesthetic cream is usually applied to the area of treatment. The meso thread is installed by using a needle-conductor in which the thread is fixed. There is a specialized connector between them, which facilitates installing the thread in the exact area on the skin.
The needles are specially produced for this treatment therefore they make the installing of meso threads low-traumatic and painless. Over a period of 90 days following the treatment, an intensive process of synthesis of new collagen fibers takes place. The new collagen fibers have a firming and lifting effect on the skin
Indications to use:
* Flabby skin in the low one third part of the face and bad face contours
* Loose nasolabial folds
* Folds before and behind the ear
* Double chin
* Droopy eye corners and flabby skin eye-contour area
* Lax skin on buttocks, abdomen, the inner part of thighs, around the knees
Before the procedure, you should consult your doctor if :
* your skin has been treated with a filler of another type
 *you suffer from an internal disease
* you take medicines and food additives
* you suffer from hemophilia
* your skin is prone to forming rough or protruding scars.
The procedure is not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women.
Recommendations after the procedure:
* limiting mimic activity and consumption of too hard food over a period of 7 days
* avoiding high-physical-load work-out and intensive exercise over a period of 5 days
* avoiding exposure to dramatic temperature changes and extreme temperatures (hot shower, sauna, solarium)
* avoiding active exposure to sun and solarium over a period of 2-3 weeks
* avoiding massage, dermabrasion, laser peel and radio-frequency lifting over a period of at least 3 weeks.
The results can be noticed immediately after installing the threads and the effect of lifting and remodeling of contours becomes even more visible over the period of 6 months following the procedure. Minor bruises may occur due to the threads passing through the tissues especially if your blood vessels are prone to breaking. This discomfort may last for 1-14 days. If necessary, meso thread treatment can be repeated without observing the minimum period between two procedures. However, a second procedure is usually performed after 6-12 months.
The procedure can be combined with dermal fillers, botulinum toxin, micro-needling, mesotherapy, plasmotherapy, laser and light procedures of photo-rejuvenation, removing pigmentation and broken capillaries, chemical peels. The order of the procedures of different types as well as the intervals between them are determined by the doctor.
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