Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


Your smile creates a swift, visual impact on people you meet. A bright, white and confident smile gives an impression of youthfulness, happiness, warmth and freshness. Wear it more often!



Restoration of the natural tooth shade or whitening beyond its natural shade is termed as tooth whitening. There are many techniques of tooth whitening in cosmetic dentistry but whitening through bleaching is known to be one of the most popular methods of improving the look of your teeth. Besides lightening the tooth, whitening also helps in removing stains and discoloration.


At Nagem Dental clinic, we employ various methods to bring that bright smile back, including dental implants, bonding, veneers and whitening. Whitening the teeth is the easiest and effective way to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Also, teeth whitening service that we offer is safe, easy and more affordable than ever.


Causes of Tooth Discoloration


Not all people are lucky to have white teeth naturally; most teeth are slightly yellow or brownish in color. However, in both the cases, teeth become stained and darkened over the time due to many factors such as age, smoking, and consumption of alcohol or drinking tea or coffee.


The main causes of teeth discoloration are genetics, antibiotics and some food items. Teeth being porous invite food and drink to penetrate beneath its surface. This not only causes food particles to settle there but also stains the outer layer of teeth called enamel. Therefore, brushing alone won’t help in removing those stains. Internal tooth discoloration is caused by the change in the enamel and dentin. Main causes of internal discoloration are use of antibiotics, exposure to high fluoride levels, decay etc. External discoloration is usually caused by smoking, coffee, tea, etc.

How does Teeth Whitening Work?


The process of teeth whitening involves a chemical reaction that penetrates the enamel to remove stains beneath the surface (dentin). Dentists usually make use of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both of these chemicals work, in the same way i.e. they bleach the stain deposits in the dentin. Special curing light is also used to hasten the process of whitening.

Teeth Whitening Options


There are three major teeth whitening options available and all three make use of peroxide with varying concentration and application times:In-Office Whitening


“There are two types of In-Office whitening” 


Led Whitening And Laser Whitening


In Office whitening is performed for obtaining significant teeth color change in a short span of time. This procedure makes use of highly concentrated level of peroxide gel, which is applied by a professional after application of paint on rubber dam for the gum protection. The peroxide usually remains on the teeth for an hour (at most) in 15 to 20 minute intervals. However, for severe staining one or more sessions will be required.


Professionally Dispensed Take-Home Whitening Kits


This procedure of teeth whitening involves an application of lower percentage of peroxide gel. The peroxide gel is applied on the teeth using bleaching trays (custom made), which are more like mouth guards. This method is widely preferred by dentists to produce the best results over a period of time. Also, take-home kits are easy to apply besides being safe for teeth.


Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening


Over the counter teeth whitening is the most convenient and affordable teeth whitening option. This method makes use of a store-bought whitening kit that contains a bleaching gel with a lower concentration of peroxide than take-home whitening kits. Unlike Take-Home Whitening Kits, here custom bleaching trays are replaced by one size fits all tray for applying the peroxide gel. Some dentists also use whitening strips or paint-on applicators. Generally, this method whitens the front teeth and not the entire, unlike the custom trays.


How long does this take?


The total treatment time for teeth whitening is approx 1 hour for Led whitening and 20 minutes For Laser whitening. First, you need to visit Nagem Dental Clinic in Dubai so that our team keenly observes your teeth. Our dentist will make a mouth-guard and accordingly will take impressions on your first visit. After initial treatment, you would be asked to apply a whitening product for weeks, for half an hour to one hour at a time, or in accordance with the whitening option chosen.


Teeth Whitening in Dubai


Nagem Dental Clinic offers varies tooth whitening services in Dubai. For questions and queries regarding tooth whitening in Dubai, feel free to contact.
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