Scaling & Polishing

Scaling & Polishing

Regular brushing, flossing and mouth-washing are very important to keep your teeth clean and maintain the overall hygiene of your mouth. But sometimes it is not enough and you still have to go for a proper dental cleaning to keep your mouth clean.Dental cleaning means when a dental hygienist performs the cleansing function of your teeth. This process involves removing of plaque and hard tartar which have been built upon the teeth over time.  The saliva in our mouth continuously brings with it calcium, which strengthens our teeth. But side by side this calcium deposits on the teeth, and invites bacteria and starts to tarnish the gums and the overall appearance of the mouth.

Cleaning and polishing of the teeth helps to clean the surface of the teeth to put an end to the bacteria that stick to the calcium build-up. Special instruments are used by dentists to remove these deposits which do not injure the teeth.

Scaling and Polishing


Scaling and polishing is the most common dental treatment which is carried out as a precaution in order to eliminate future dental problems which can be severe and lead to tooth loss. It aims at keeping your teeth clean, thus reducing any chance of gum disease or tooth decay.



 Scaling is the process of freeing the teeth from tartar. An ultrasonic instrument is used which is continuously vibrating and sprays water to remove the debris, as it vibrates at a high speed. It removes the deposits of tartar which are settled on the teeth by scraping them off, thus cleaning the teeth but making the surfaces rough.




 After scaling, it is important to polish the teeth which have become a bit rough. A rotating brush (rubber cup) and a special paste (prophylaxis paste) is used to remove the surface stains and make your teeth smooth and shiny.


Does cleaning the teeth hurt?


Most of the patients do not feel any pain while going through this dental procedure. But they certainly feel some sensations in their teeth, which can sometimes cause a little discomfort. If you have had a bad experience in the past, you can ask your doctor for a local anaesthesia. Nevertheless, after the treatment, the joy of seeing your teeth clean and shiny is beyond measure.
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