Same Day Implants

Same Day Implants

Dental Implants

Although there are many ways, such as bridges, partials or complete dentures, to replace the missing teeth, dental implants are often considered to be the best treatment. Dental implants are a popular and a permanent method to maintain the stability of your mouth besides improving its appearance. If you have missing teeth and have to struggle in chewing food or feel embarrassed, dental implants offer a way to have healthy and natural teeth. They will bring that confident smile back, and will allow you to confidently eat, chew, laugh, talk and enjoy all activities of life without having to worry about your teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

Made of titanium and designed like a screw, dental implants act a replacement of the root portion of the missing teeth. The implant is a specifically manufactured surface that is used as a bone fixture to establish support for the artificial replacement (new teeth).  In simpler terms, we may say that dental implant is an artificial copy of a natural root that is used for prosthetic rehabilitation. Titanium is used as a material due to the fact that it easily fuses with the jaw bone and is also well tolerated by bone.
A dental implant is inserted into the jaw bone so that it fuses with it and becomes a strong base for the new teeth. An implant thus acts as an anchor to hold the new tooth in place.

Who can get dental implants?

Dental implants can be successfully planted in patients of any age provided they have fully developed bony tissue that can uphold the plant. In case your bony tissue is not developed fully, you will have to undergo a bone graft (adding bone to jawbone) to develop the bone. However, there are certain factors that may increase the risk of implant failure:
  • Heavy smoking can hinder the process of healing and can enhance the chances of implant failure
  • Excessive alcohol drinking affects the healing of gums
  • Periodical gum disease must be treated before going for dental implants as this disease is a cause of bone loss
  • Patients with diabetes and leukaemia are not suitable for implant due to their body’s weak healing ability
  • Patients treated with bisphosphonates are also not suitable for an implant

Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implants are carried out in several steps to ensure its success. The first step is to choose a dentist that specialises in dental implant placement. After you have chosen a specialist, he/she will carefully examine the issues through several tests before implantation.

  • Full mouth X-rays are taken to examine if dental implants are right for you
  • In the first phase of surgery, our dentist will insert an implant into the jawbone, underneath gum tissue. After placement of the implant, the gum tissue is stitched back. Eventually, the gum tissue heals and dental implant gets fused with the bone. However, this process of healing will take several weeks to a few months
  •  In the second phase of surgery, dentist attaches an abutment to the top of the dental implant. The “Abutment” is a connector that is used to connect the new teeth with the dental implant. In some cases, the two phases can be merged in a single phase
  • An individual tooth, an implant-supported bridge is then attached to the abutment

Dental Implant in Dubai

With years of experience and dedicated team, Nagem Dental Clinic has successfully brought back smiles and confidence to people in Dubai.

Due to the dedication that we put in our job, we are recognised as the most reliable and preferred place for dental implants in Dubai.

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