Root Therapy

Root Therapy

A root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is a dental procedure to treat infections of a tooth’s inner part called the pulp or the root canal system. With the help of root canal procedure, you don’t need to remove your old tooth, and it can function normally as before.


The objective of root canal treatment is to remove the destroyed tissue from the interior of the tooth so that the infection does not reach the bone. If such a tooth is not treated on time, it can cause life threatening complications due to the acute infection it carries.



Why we specialize in root canal treatment?

We have the most advanced equipment for root canal treatment like rotary devices and laser.

How do I know I need a root canal?


If you sense any of the following symptoms, visit your dentist immediately:



  • Sensitivity of the tooth and continuous pain after eating hot or cold or after chewing or biting


  • Feeling pain while lying down, or getting up suddenly


  • Referred pain in surrounding teeth, jaw or ear


  • A pus filled sac appearing on the gum


  • Swelling around the damaged tooth




Sometimes patients do not feel any of the above symptoms. This is the reason you have to visit a dentist regularly for check-ups. Your dentist may observe the following symptoms which might mean that your tooth needs a root canal treatment:



  • Gum pimples


  • Darkened teeth


  • Exposure of the tooth nerve



Root Canal Treatment at Nagem Dental Center


At Nagem Dental Center, our dentists are skilled in root canal therapy. We will save your actual tooth so that it functions as normally as it was before. The following steps are followed by our expert dentists during the roar canal treatment:



  • First of all the dentist will examine your teeth and take an X-Ray of the infected tooth. This way the problem will be diagnosed, and if the tooth needs a root canal treatment, he will give you a date for the treatment


  • On the day of your treatment, the dentist will give you a local anaesthesia so that during the procedure you do not feel any pain


  • Then the space around the tooth will be cleaned and then isolated with the help of a rubber dam. The rubber dam prevents the patient from swallowing any saliva or medicaments


  • Next, the sterilized instruments will be used to drill down the affected tooth and remove the infected pulp from it


  • Lastly, the tooth canal is cleaned and filled with a special compound. It is tightly sealed at the top so that bacteria do not enter through any opening



After the treatment, a crown maybe used to restore the natural look and feel of your tooth. Usually the back teeth need a crown because it has to do the most of the chewing which puts it under a lot of pressure. If enough of the tooth is not left, posts maybe used to help support the crown.


A root canal treatment may take one or two appointments. If your problem is not solved after the first appointment, feel free to contact Nagem Dental Center at any time.

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