Meso therapy

Meso therapy


Mesotherapy is one of its own kind nun surgical cosmetic treatment. In this therapy some special injections of pharmaceutical products and homeopathic medicine along with some special plant extracts, vitamins are applied for a particular duration. Mesotherapy specially targets fat tissues called adipose tissues and enhance breakdown of fat from various parts of the body.
Main aim of mesotherapy is to reduce body problems associated with excess weight, body contouring, face/neck rejuvenation and a lot more. Sometimes enzymes, hormones and plant extracts are also used in this process of mesotherapy to rejuvenat and tighten the skin and as well as to remove excess weight. This technique was developed in 1952 with an aim to relieve pain but later it was found more applicative.

Functions of mesotherapy are as follows:

  • To remove fat in area of stomach, shoulder, thigh, hips, legs, face etc.
  • To reduce cellulite
  • To remove or fade wrinkles or lines
  • Sometimes skin can also be tightned by mesotherapy
  • Helps to get the glow of the face and body.
  • Pigmented skin or dark spots can be lighted.

Mesotherapy uses very fine needles to inject the vitamins, plant extracts, enzymes in to the mesoderm of the skin i.e middle layer of the skin.
The principle of mesotherapy is to correct circulation of blood as well as to reduce inflammation that causes skin damage.

Specialist uses different solutions for mesotherapy which includes-

  • Some special antibiotics or vasodilators
  • Hormons like thyroxin and calcitonin
  • Enzymes like collagen and hyaluronidase
  • Plant extracts
  • Minerals and vitamins can also be used by the specialists.


As this treatment is non surgical with no side effects. So there is no need to be more cautious about it. What you need to do is to follow the instructions given by your expert. Sometimes you may need to ask to avoid consuming artificial protein or steroid products.
Mesotherapy injections can be given at a depth of 1-4mm into your skin depending on the type of organ body part. Sometimes many sessions are required to get the desired result. It may be between 3 to 15 times.
Main advantage of mesotherapy is that it has become an alternative of liposuction for removing unwanted body fat. As this process is non surgical with no side effects as well. It is gaining popularity though out the world.
At Nagem’s mingeling nature of the staff and well expert specialist ignites the confidence within yourself and procedure ends with a desired result.


The cost of mesothrapy treatment depends upon the type of treatment as well as on the body part for which treatment is sought.
Mesotherapy can be done under the supervision of an expert only and it does not require much time to recover. As a whole there is no need to be bedridden and one can join his or her work right after the treatment.

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