What To Expect With Laser Hair Removal

If you want great looking results from your laser hair removal, there are a few things you should know, and we’ve listed them below to ensure you have the best possible experience.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Firstly, always make sure your technician is qualified, and any equipment used is TGA approved, as this cosmetic procedure has strict guidelines and regulations. A concentrated beam of light is focused directly into the pigments in your hair follicles if you have lighter skin. If your skin is dark, both modalities are used to destroy and retard the growth of hair using the laser focusing on the blood supply to the hair follicles. It may seem like magic, but it is just science at work to get these amazing results.

Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

You should cancel your appointment and reschedule it for later if you are sunburned or have a tan. If you have been exposed to the sun within two weeks of the laser hair procedure, we, unfortunately, won’t be able to carry out the treatment, as any pigment on your skin will sizzle. Starting your treatment in winter when sun exposure isn’t a risk is recommended if you like to sunbathe during the summer.

No Fake Tans

You’ll need to look pale when you come in for your treatment and skip the fake tan. If you are having laser hair treatment carried out, the fake tan also means you’ll need to reschedule, just as you would with a real tan. If you have a fake tan and need to get rid of it easily and safely, we can recommend Balense Next Generation +SRC Cleanser.

No Wax, But Shaving Is Acceptable

About 12 to 14 hours before your scheduled treatment at a skin care clinic, shave the area to be treated. And we don’t want to burn your skin during treatment, so make sure you use a sharp razor and shave well; any long hairs above the skin will be targeted by the laser. The reason that shaving is good and waxing isn’t is that for the laser to do its job accurately, the hair root must be present in the follicle. And along with no waxing goes no depilatory creams or epilating.

And No Moisturizer

We need your skin to be completely natural and free of any artificial products, meaning no deodorant or moisturizer should be applied on the day of your procedure. And the same rules apply for the first 24 hours following your laser hair removal treatment.

Be Honest With Us

Although we use only the highest quality equipment and our technicians are highly trained experts, laser hair treatment is still considered a cosmetic treatment. It means that we need you to be 100 percent honest with us at your consultation when it comes to disclosing any previous treatments, or medication you are taking. Laser hair removal treatment might not be your most suitable option; for example, if you are taking Roaccutane or have had a facial recently. We offer all our customers a complimentary consultation during which your hair and skin type will be assessed by our expert and friendly technicians. Anything we need to know, tell us at that time.

Be Realistic

You will enjoy the freedom of long term hair reduction once you have finished your treatment plan, but it’s also important to be realistic and understand that great results take more than one session. And there is always some hair that will manage to grow back, meaning that no laser hair treatment can claim to be 100 percent effective. Our initial consultation can give you some of the facts about possible hair regrowth, which can be affected by biological factors such as hormones.

Be Consistent

A regular course of laser hair removal treatments is much more effective than attending treatment sessions occasionally, because of how hair growth patterns are affected by timing. We recommend coming to an appointment every four weeks, or whenever your technician advises it.

Use recommended Products

For about 48 hours after the treatment, you’ll find that your skin is sensitive to the sun. Although blistering is unlikely, you shouldn’t use any makeup products on blistered areas, and any sunburn can be effectively treated by using Balense UV Defiance SPF 50+. If you experience swelling or discomfort after your treatment, a cold compress and Balense Recovery Cream or a similar skin care product can help alleviate the discomfort.

No Hot Showers Or Exercise

Certain activities, such as taking a hot shower or exercising, can create the right conditions for bacteria to breed as they case an increase in your body temperature. Ingrown hairs or infection can then be unwanted results. To minimize the chances of that happening, don’t carry out any activities that can upset the hair follicles and increase body temperature for at least 24 hours following treatment.