Unusual Laser Hair Removal Locations

If you have had enough of struggling with depilatory creams, waxing or a razor, you may want to consider the increasingly popular option of laser hair treatment. It’s suitable for various areas of the body and not just the more apparent underarms, bikini area, and legs.

The Treasure Trail

Many women have a line along the center of the abdomen where the hair grows more thickly, although it’s more common in men. If this sounds like you, then laser hair removal may be the solution you have been looking for to improve your appearance permanently and feel more comfortable when you wear that bikini on the beach.


The area between the breasts can look quite fuzzy with unwanted hair on many women, although again the hairy chest is something associated more with men. This is a sensitive area of the body, and if you have tried depilatory creams, shaving or waxing and haven’t seen the results you need, laser hair treatment can help.


You don’t need to put up with hair permanently around your nipples, although it is natural to have some hair in that area. If you have tried tweezers to remove those stray hairs, you know how painful that approach can be, although tweezing won’t damage the delicate skin or tissue. However, laser hair removal may be the solution you’ve been looking for if you want a permanent and painless solution to the problem of unwanted hair around the nipples.

Fingers and Toes

Hair free fingers and toes look much more appealing whether you are showing off that engagement ring to your friends or wearing sandals at the beach. Many people don’t consider laser hair treatment for those areas of dark, coarse hair on the fingers and the toes, but it’s surprisingly easy and fast to effectively remove hair from these areas.


You may be self-conscious of the hair around your neck if you are a man or woman with facial hair that grows back quickly and you favor short hair or an updo hairstyle. Coarse hair growth can also commonly be found at the nape and under the chin, and there is no reason why you can’t put a permanent end to this unwanted hair with laser hair removal treatment. Just think how easy your life would be if those areas didn’t need regular trimming or shaving.


If you are a woman, you may have noticed hair around the jawline that is coarse and long and just downright unattractive; many women have this problem, especially as they age and hormone levels adjust. Removing the hair in this area is a useful option and can significantly improve how you look and feel. Permanent hair removal for men is an option too in this area; it means no more tedious shaving every day, although you need to be sure that you won’t want to grow a beard some day.

Side Of the Abdomen

If you are a man, you probably want your chest hair to be well groomed and appealing, and laser hair removal along the abdomen sides can improve your appearance in that area. No more waxing or depilatory creams to try to keep it looking presentable!

Laser hair technicians are quite used to seeing unwanted hair in these areas as well as some others, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Just about any area of your body is suitable for laser hair treatment although applicator size and safety can impose some restrictions.

Contact a professional hair removal specialist today if you have had enough of your unwanted hair.