Science has come to a revolutionary treatment to enhance facial rejuvenation and also to increase the formation of collagen tissues. This new treatment is known as PRP (PLATELETS RICH PLASMA). PRP treatment is gaining popularity through out the world as it one of the non surgical treatemnt as well as natural also.
Plasma is a major constituent of blood comprising 55% of blood. It contains all the types of proteins, vitamins, minerals, salts etc. Platelets is also a component of blood along with RBCs and WBCs. All these cells have different functions in human body. Platelets helps in clotting of blood with the active presence of vitamin K.
In this treament blood sample of the patients is used.
Blood sample is centrifused at a very high speed.
In this process plasms is seperated with platelets. Other components of blood are discarded.
Now this plasma is rich in protein, minerals, hormones and other growth factors.
Some microneedls are used to make controlled skin injury at the site of treatment.
This plasma with platelest is injected at the site of treatment or the targated body part.
Now the platelets will heal the site of treatment and plasma will rejuvenate that part with the help of growth factors, proteins, hormones, minerals etc.


PRP treatment is has so many functions which includes-
To make tissues soft
In the healing of wounds
PRP also promotes hair growth
Youthful skin is the main aim of PRP
100% natural, therefore no side effects.
Osteoarthiritis ca also be treated with PRP
The principle behind PRP treatment is that injecting PRP into damaged tissues will stimulate body to grow new healthy cells and promoting healing as well.


It is not a one day work. You need to be pateint during the coures of treatment. As the number of session may be more in number to get the desired results. It also depends on the site of treatment and the origin of skin too. What you need to do is to follow the guideline given to you by your specialist. At Nagem’s, feel free to ask any any kind of query.


PRP treatment uses natural product of the body itself i.e plasma and platelets of the blood. Therefore there is no chance to have side effects of these natural chemicals.
But it involves injecting of needles that may cause potential side effects. It also depends on the site of treatment as well. Generally it may be pain or damaging of tissues at the site of treatment takes place.
The procedure of PRP is administered under an expert so tissues could not be damaged at the target site as the expert will take care of it and he or she will administer the process with no harm but ease.
There will be pain because of microneedles and fine injections. For that medication will be prescribed by the specialist according to the strength of pain. Rest all will be taken care at Nagem’s clinic.


There is no need to be bedridden or rest after the treatment. one can resume his or her work right after the treatment. Recovery time is very quick and you may not notice an immediate difference after the treatment. In a very few weeks you will notice about your treated skin and its healthyness.

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