Carbon Facial

Carbon Facial

Carbon Peel

Carbon Laser Peels, also known as Hollywood Peel, or Lunch-Break Lifting, uses a layer of medical carbon (activated carbon) applied to the entire face. Carbon Facial is ideal to treat minor skin imperfections and to restore the glow of the skin.It penetrates deep in the pores, in the enlarged pores in particular. Laser light is passed over the carbon layer. It heats and destroys carbon particles on the skin surface and in the pores.

Carbon Peel provides several benefits:

  • immediate minimalizing of the enlarged pores
  • reducing fat production
  • boosting the young connective tissue growth
  • exfoliating the skin surface
  • reducing fine mimic wrinkles and minor flaws
  • creating a lifting effect

Carbon Peel is a perfect treatment of acne, enlarged pores, serious pigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines. It reduces the initial signs of skin ageing.

The procedure is also suitable for patients without skin problems.

Carbon Peel is extremely beneficial if you need to refresh your appearance instantly. This is a treatment for both men and women. In Hollywood it is recommended for the time just before walking on the “red carpet”.


What do you feel during and after the procedure?

During the procedure patients feel some heat, but it does not provoke any discomfort or pain. Immediately after the procedure some patients may experience slight redness but it disappears after a couple of hours. On a few days following the treatment,some peeling of the skin surface layer may occur.


How many procedures are needed and when should they be performed?

Four procedures every 2nd-4th week are recommended in any season except summer.

What is very important to remember is that maintaining healthy, refreshed and young skin is a long-term care, therefore, regular procedures are recommended.


About Carbon Facial Treatment

This is a pain-free treatment. There is minimal to none downtime associated with Carbon Facial. It will increase skin renewal, improve skin tones and give the skin a glow from within. It works well on areas that are traditionally difficult to reach, such as nose. It is a great treatment that is compatible with a wide range of other non-surgical skin care technologies to achieve optimum results.

Avoid bathing with very hot water, strenuous exercise, and massage for 2–3 days post laser skin care treatment. Washing: Wait at least 12 hours (next morning) to wash your face.

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